Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka September 27, 2018 Update of the written episode

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka September 26, 2018 Update of the written episode

Kunal assures Nandini that they must fight against society. Now you are together for a new beginning and will remain with each other forever. They hug.

There, Dida asks Mauli to give another chance to her marriage with Kunal.

The next morning, Kunal brings tea for Nandini. He says he can beat his kheer. Nandini looked angry and placed her head on his shoulder. Kunal promises that he will not leave her now, he is here with her. You should only go out at night, your Navratri and they will leave for Pooja. The doorbell rings, Kunal opens the door. Mom was outside. Kunal invites her in. Mom says I had to give her a story, otherwise I would never have come to this door. She says that Dida had a heart attack. Kunal was surprised. Mom responds that it can be

It happened when Kunal was too busy here. She asks if Kunal is ready to come. Otherwise, she can also live without her son, as Dida did. Kunal assures Nandini to return soon. Nandini closes the door thinking that Kunal will return to his only call, he does not need to be afraid.
Kunal comes to Dida. Mauli turns to leave, but Dida holds her hand. She asks what happened to them in a few days. No marriage is easy, everything in life is rusted, walls are damaged, then why can not marriage go through a bad time? She complains that they did not share with their elders about filing for a divorce as well. Kunal and Mauli prevent Dida from removing the cannula and the machines. Dida says that if they want him to live for some time, they should give their marriage a chance.

Kunal must return home and at least give full opportunity to his marriage in the last month. She asks what kind of doctors they are, the doctor struggles until the last breath to fight against an ailment, then why can not they treat their marriage? Mauli only remained silent. Kunal was speechless. Dida was aggressive with the reaction, her condition gets worse. Mauli and Kunal ask him to relax. Dida was happy that they had agreed. She asks Mom to decorate the house for Navratri as they do every year. Mauli leaves the room. Kunal remembers his promise to Nandini.

Outside, Kunal comes to Mauli. He talks about Dida’s desire. Mauli tells him not to worry, they are both aware that they will do it for Dida. Soon, Dida will realize that her marriage is over, can not be cured. A month is nothing, Kunal stayed with her for months while betraying her. At least now, he will be freed from the guilt of lying to him. Before leaving the room, Mauli allows Kunal to visit Nandini at any time he wishes. She will not object. All your objections, hopes and rights are finished.

At night, Mauli was getting ready in the room. Kunal opens the closet. Mauli says it’s empty, one of his Kurta stayed here. It’s in the guest room, you can use it. She says that staying in a single room is important, not sharing the room. Kunal apologizes to Mauli, only that this apology can give him courage to look her in the eyes. He asks her to look him in the eye, but tears flood Mauli’s eyes, he does not look up at Kunal. Kunal turns to walk away, but Mauli’s dress sticks on his bandage. Mauli turns around, both share a look. Kunal was about to take off her dress, but she pulls it away with a jerk. When Kunal leaves, Mauli is forced to prepare and put on makeup. While applying sindoor, he recalls Kunal’s love claims for Nandini. She cries and places the sindoor backwards.

PRECAP: Dida makes a guest click photo of Kunal and Mauli doing Pooja together. Dida forwards the photo to Nandini.

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